First Disbursement!


“On the 24th of July 2014, 13 members out of 21 of the Kafui Group at Dzolo Gbogame who applied and satisfied the criteria, received their first cycle loans through Village Exchange Ghana, after five weeks of training on social and business issues. This group is supported by the ‘Loans Across Borders’ project put together by a group of students from the University of Arizona. The thirteen loans approved and disbursed amounted to a total of GHC 2,900.00.
It is the very first time in the history of Village Exchange Ghana that a partnership with a university leads to the adoption of a specific microfinance group by the students. The 11 women and 2 men who received loans wanted to show their appreciation to ‘Loans Across Borders’ and promised prompt repayment. The other 8 partners have not applied yet for a loan but will continue to participate in our training sessions and do their voluntary savings.” – VEG Newsletter