Event Details

Located at the Still Well House and Garden, on May 4th at 7:00PM we will be sponsoring and co-hosting Loans for Freedom in order to raise money directly funding additional loans and to promote awareness about micro-finance and its ability to empower people to alleviate themselves from poverty. Walk With will be co-hosting the event, another non-profit organization that seeks to inspire positive social change through small community based grassroots projects, such as refurbishing an adobe hut clinic in Guatemala. Due to loans raised by LAB, Walk With will be able to refurbish the clinic to play an active role in the community that will serve over 800 people.

At this event there will be free giveaways, dinner and drinks, a raffle, and speakers from Walk With and LAB.

To purchase tickets and create an opportunity, please visit https://walkwith.org/projects/loans-for-freedom-event/